Visibility and Control of Facilities Maintenance Operations

Facilitier provides businesses with the tools to monitor and manage every aspect of facilities maintenance and repair, from initial request to completion, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the process.

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Better Data, More Insight, Work Smarter

A solution built from the ground-up to manage facilities maintenance and repair operations.

Better Data

Facilitier clearly outlines what data is needed and establishes standardised data entry protocols

Real-Time Insight

Continuous data collection and instant analysis give real-time insights, enabling timely interventions in operations.

Standardised Workflows

Standardised workflows optimize tasks, scheduling, resource allocation, reduce human error, and save time.


Why Facilitier?

Unorganized facilities maintenance and repair practices often result in chaotic workflows, prolonged downtimes, and unexpected expenses. Facilitier revolutionizes your maintenance management by streamlining processes, ensuring timely responses, and preventing unnecessary costs.

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Standardized Workflows.

Standardize and streamline facilities maintenance and repair operations from job request to completion, vendor selection to vendor payment.

  • Ensures that every maintenance operation follows a predefined set of steps, enabling employees to work more effectively and predictably.
  • Facilitates better resource allocation and scheduling, as managers can anticipate maintenance needs and allocate resources accordingly
  • Standardized workflows also promote accountability and transparency, as responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined for each task
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Real-Time Reporting.

Produce up-to-the-minute reports to support decision-making based on your real-time data.

  • Seeing the overall and individual status of maintenance tasks enables better resource allocation and scheduling
  • Real-time visualisation of maintenance requests status and costs, helps Finance team prepare for impending hits on cashflows
  • Visibility of works by category or type gives management room to adjust and re-allocate maintenance spend to meet budgets
image of some controls implemented in Facilitier

Establish faster maintenance request turnarounds by clearly outlining who sees and does what in the workflows.

  • Offers fine-grained access rights that determine what each user can view or action, enhancing controls.
  • Email and in-app notifications alerts users only when their attention is required, thus optimizing on human resource costs and time.
  • Implementing user access rights enhances your organization’s overall data security
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Supplier Management.

Optimize relationships, minimize risks, and achieve strategic objectives with your vendors more efficiently.

  • Use vendor reports to identify and select vendors for each job request based on their capabilities, pricing, and reliability.
  • Monitor vendor performance against established metrics and SLAs to ensure they meet quality standards, deadlines, and budgetary constraints.
  • Negotiate better contracts with vendors, based on past performance, volume of business and other metrics derived from your vendor reports.
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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited suppliers
  • Customisable user privileges
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  • 3 users / entity
  • Additional users pro rata
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited suppliers
  • Customisable user privileges
  • Unlimited entities per organisation
  • Custom APIs
  • Future integration with AI
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